An E-mini instant water heater is the most efficient hot water supply solution at the washbasin. The water is not preheated but is heated directly at the sink as it flows through the unit. This consistently avoids water line and heat losses.

CLAGE Instant Water Heater For Wash Basin MCX6


The original! We have been offering E-compact instant water heaters as the ideal solution for kitchen sinks for more than ten years. Their intelligent and compact design allows for installation directly at the fixture. The heating capacity of the compact units ensures ideal hot water convenience for use at the sink.

CLAGE Instant Water Heater For Kitchen and Small Bath rooms CEX9








Fully electronic instant water heaters combine comfortable hot water convenience with energy efficiency. These units only heat the water that is actually used for a bath or a shower. And because it is heated to the desired temperature within seconds, there are no long wait times and no need to mix with cold water. These features conserve valuable energy and precious drinking water.

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