American Coffee Maker Bosch – TKA6A041


American Coffee Maker Bosch – TKA6A041

EGP 4,274

Brand Bosch
Model TKA6A041
Color Gray
Power W 1200
Manufacture Poland
Warranty 1 Year


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  • 6 Months EGP 773 / Month 3%
  • 12 Months EGP 409 / Month 9%
  • 18 Months EGP 250 / Month 0%



Drip stop — for a clean machine.

With the drip stop feature, drips that could burn onto the hotplate are a thing of the past. The hotplate remains clean and free of stains — saving you the hassle of cleaning.

Swing-out filter holder.

Easy to use: Simply swing out the filter holder, insert the filter bag with the coffee powder, swing the filter holder back in — and you’re done!


EasyDescale3: Practical descaling feature for lasting indulgence.

Keep your coffee tasting great and your coffee machine working at its best for longer by descaling it regularly. The EasyDescale3 feature, with a scale alert and a practical descaling program, provides the best possible protection for your machine. Choose the best descaling programme using the custom water hardness settings. Regular maintenance also extends your machine’s life – and saves energy.

Technical Specifications

  • Wattage: 1000-1200 W
  • Aroma protecting glass jug for 10/15 cups (1.25 l)
  • Aroma+ button for individual coffee aroma, selectable
  • Drip stop
  • Removable swing-out filter (1×4)
  • Transparent, detachable water tank with integrated handle – water level readable from outside
  • EasyDescale3: Decalcification program, LED signal for need of decalcification, water hardness selectable
  • automatic shut off: 20, 40 or 60 minutes selectable
  • Easy storage: Cable storage compartment for simple and quick storage of the cable


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