Ariston Washing Machine- 10KG-7Kg Dryer – AQD1070D497XEX

Ariston Washing Machine- 10KG-7Kg Dryer – AQD1070D497XEX

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Brand Ariston
Model Number AQD1070D497XEX
Color Silver
Capacity Kg 10
Dryer KG 7
Spin Speed 1400 RPM
Inverter Technology Available
Energy Rate A
kWh per Year 212 kWh
Integration Type Free Stand
Width 600
Hight 850
Depth 590
Warranty 5 Year
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With steam it’s possible to purify your garments even doing your laundry at low temperature, eliminating 99,9% of bacteria.


Steam Refresh is the ideal cycle to regenerate your clothes avoiding unnecessary washing (saving time, energy and water).


Extremely delicate action to wash woollen garments, ensuring a perfect clean without making your clothes lose their original softness. This cycle has been approved by the Woolmark Company as a valid wash to use on woollen garments with the “Hand wash” label.


This Hotpoint Washing machine’s Inverter Motor is designed to ensure a long lasting performance and to improve end results.


The Anti-Stain is a specific cycle studied to remove even the most difficult stains, without pre-treating. This is achieved thanks to elevated electronic control and the optimized synergy between the special movements of the drum and the different washing phases.


Direct Injection Wash, The detergent fully dissolves into the water right from the outset, Within the pre-mixing system, and is transformed into a protective mousse. The mousse is injected directly into the tub, where it releases the full force of its cle
Colors Cycle, The drum movements are studied to protect the fabrics, while the constant control of temperature variations preserves the brilliance of the colors and ensures effective stain removal. Dark Cycle, Black and dark colored garments tend to suffe
Woolmark Platinum Care, “Woolmark Platinum Care” is the highest certification conferred by the Woolmark Company for the efficacy of the wool cycle. Wool and cashmere garments are treated with a very delicate cycle that revives the fibers while cleaning th
Exact Dosing, The new Aqualtis washing machines and washer-dryers are equipped with an innovative detergent tray which helps to dose the right amount of detergent. Larger Loading Opening, The new Ariston washing machines and washer-dryers have the largest

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