Beko Built-In Electric Digita Oven With Grill , 2 Fans, Black BBIS13300XMSE

Beko Built-In Electric Digita Oven With Grill , 2 Fans, Black BBIS13300XMSE

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Brand Beko
Model BBIS13300XMSE
installation BUILT-IN
Height 60
width 60
depth 60
Oven Fan Yes
Safety Yes
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Clear view of food as it cooks

The difference between 30 seconds and a minute can be huge when microwaving. The Interior Light means you can see how your food’s cooking and not be caught unawares if your dish is about to boil over.

Fluffier & crisper baking

Home-made pastries should be better, but getting that perfectly flaky crust is a challenge. SteamAid injects steam into the oven cavity while cooking to get pastries and bread crispy on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside. So, no more chewy bread or dried-out pastries.

Clear view of what’s happening inside

Want to see how your cooking is going but don’t want to open the door and lose the heat inside? Halogen Illumination helps you see all your oven’s cavity, so you can keep an eye on your culinary creations with the door firmly shut.

Sturdy door for carrying heavy dishes & cookware

Hot, heavy dishes and pots can be difficult to get out of the oven. Durable Door supports loads as heavy as 22.5 kg. That’s 20% more than standard oven doors so you can rest your piping hot pot on the open oven door while you take a breather.

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60 cm

Oven Power


Grill Power