Refrigerator BEKO 324 liter Combi Digital 2 Doors Stainless Model RCNE366E30XBR


Refrigerator BEKO 324 liter Combi Digital 2 Doors Stainless Model RCNE366E30XBR

Brand BEKO
Model Number RCNE366E30XBR
Color Stainless
Capacity L 366 Liters-324 Net
Installation Free Stand
Inverter Technology
Active Odor Filter Available
Width MM 59.5 cm
Hight MM 185.2 cm
Depth MM 67 cm
Warranty 5 Years
Availability: Sold Out SKU: 884053 Brand:

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NeoFrost Dual Cooling
Two cooling systems without odor exchange

It is very difficult to keep fish in the freezer and a delicious cake in the fridge without the smells mixing. Independent cooling systems for each NeoFrost Dual Cooling compartment maintain ideal airflow and optimal temperatures in both the freezer and fridge. As a result, food stays fresher longer without frost build-up or odor exchange.

LED Illumination
Better lighting to see inside

Sometimes it can be difficult to see everything in the refrigerator, especially in the bottom corners of the trays. Led Illumination uses either LED strips or bulbs on the top of the fridge or on each side of the shelves (lighting will vary by fridge model) so you can see everything clearly. In addition, it is more energy efficient than standard lighting.

reversible door
Adapt the orientation of the door to the design of your kitchen

Some kitchen layouts require refrigerator doors to open in one direction and not the other. The reversible door allows the hinges to be placed on either side of the appliance so you can choose which way the doors open. In addition, you can double the cooling capacity by placing two refrigerators next to each other and reversing the doors of one of them.

Safety glass
Long lasting glass shelves

With the safety glass, you will stop worrying when you put a huge and heavy pot in the fridge. The safety glass shelves are made of tempered glass and can withstand loads of up to 25 kg. They resist cracks and scratches much better than untreated glass, so you can store heavy items without worry.

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2 Doors



Inverter Power



Digital Screen



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