Refrigerator BEKO 600 liter side by side digital With Dispenser 2 Doors Silver Model GN162420X

Refrigerator BEKO 600 liter side by side digital With Dispenser 2 Doors Silver Model GN162420X

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Brand BEKO
Model Number GN162420X
Color Silver – Stainless
Capacity L 600
Installation Free Stand
Inverter Technology NOT AVAILABLE
Control Touch Control
Active Odor Filter Available
Width MM 910
Hight MM 1790
Depth MM 720
Warranty 5 Years
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Beko fridge GN162420X boasts outstanding cooling technologies, such as technology NeoFrost , which contributes to 2x faster cooling , technology active blue light , by means of which, in addition to longer freshness of food is maintained even richer in vitamin C. American fridge impresses with invert ProSmart compressor , No Frost Technology – Automatic defrosting while handy mini bar and water dispenser with water connectionallow easy use and easy access to cold water. You have two drawers for fruits and vegetables, and there are 5 freezer shelves and two drawers in the freezer compartment. The safety and hygiene of stored foods is ensured by the active IonGuard ™ ionizer and anti-bacterial odor filter . It is distinguished by its A + energy class, 43dB operating volume and 368L net capacity .

NeoFrost ™ Technology

NeoFrost ™ Technology

The official partner of food lovers

If you are often in a race against time to keep your fruits and vegetables fresh, Beko NeoFrost ™ technology can be absolutely relaxing. Two separate fans prevent the transfer of odors between the refrigeration and freezer compartments, thus providing the best cooling conditions with a high moisture content in the refrigeration unit and without accumulating ice in the refrigeration compartment. Along with 2x faster cooling *, the system retains moisture for a longer time, keeping food fresh than when you bought it. * Tested in your own lab.

Active Blue Light Technology

Active Blue Light Technology

Official partner of healthy eating lovers

All of you who take good care of your health want the assurance that your fruits and vegetables will remain in excellent condition for a long time. And that’s right. With a wise choice for a fridge with active blue light technology that continues the natural process of photosynthesis in the drawer, in addition to preserving the longer freshness of fruits and vegetables, you will also enjoy higher levels of vitamin C. Your tomatoes will always remain juicy, full of vitamins and up to 30 % fresher *. * Tested by FRPERC and TÜBİTAK (compared to regular tomato and red and green pepper drawers).

IonGuard ™ Technology - US Refrigerators

IonGuard ™ Technology – US Refrigerators

The official partner of noble cheese

Precious cheese lovers will be delighted with Beko IonGuard ™ ‘s exceptional odor elimination technology, as you will now keep these kinds of dishes with delicate foods such as strawberries. This remarkable technology produces negative ions that neutralize bacteria, viruses and particles, which cause odors in the refrigerator, creating antibacterial protection. This brings in fresh air without odors, and the food stays fresh for a long time. The odors have passed.

LED lighting

LED lighting

The official partner of all, with (full) refrigerators

When your refrigerator is (too) full, it quickly happens that you forget about all the hidden goodies lurking in the depths of your refrigerator. This is why it is especially important to have a good overview of stored foods, which requires excellent lighting. LED lighting provides very clean, even and efficient lighting, which will certainly be familiar with your culinary creation and prudent consumption of food.

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2 Doors



Inverter Power



Digital Screen


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