Beko Washing Machine Inverter with a Digital Screen, 1400 RPM, 10 kg/6kg dryer – Grey-BWD10640MCI


Beko Washing Machine Inverter with a Digital Screen, 1400 RPM, 10 kg/6kg dryer – Grey-BWD10640MCI

Brand Beko
Model BWD10640MCI
Color  Grey
Capacity 10 Kg
Program sets Multi Programs
Energy Consumption
Motor Speed 1400 RPM
Width 600
Hight 850
Depth 600
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  • High efficiency, high durability, low noise

    Don’t worry about your electric bill and say goodbye to headaches every time you wash and dry your clothes, thanks to the brushless motor design, ProSmart technology delivers high energy efficiency, lower noise and increased durability – all in one machine. You’ll get maximum efficiency from your washer dryer without blowing your monthly budget or causing headache

  •  kg of laundry is ready to wear in 1 hour

    Even a small amount of water is enough to ruin your floors or your electrical appliances if there is a leak. Protect yourself from these risks with WaterSafe+ technology, an anti-leakage system that automatically shuts off the water supply from the tap in the event of a leak. Now your floors and appliances are safe.

    Hygiene+ Wash & Dry programme

    Super healthy results at any temperature

    Some people who suffer from allergies know very well that some bacteria and mites may remain in the clothes even after washing. The Hygiene+ Wash & Dry Program combines sensitive temperature control with additional wash and spin cycles to ensure these microbes are removed from clothes. It operates in a range between 20 and 90 degrees Celsius, and it has been approved by the British Allergy Society that the washing cycle at 60 degrees Celsius eliminates 99.9% of allergens.

    Clean tub and fresh smell

    After using the washing machine a few times, the tub will start to smell a little bad because of the moisture. Powered by AirTherapy technology, the DrumClean+ Program circulates heated air to remove any odors for a deep tub clean. Remember, a clean sink means cleaner clothes, cycle after cycl

    Wave-like motion of the tub for gentler handling of clothes

    Continuous drying and washing can take a toll on your clothes, so here we offer the AquaWave system with a curved glass door and specially designed paddles to move the laundry in a wave-like motion inside the washing machine tub, treating your clothes more gently and improving drying and washing efficiency. The next time someone compliments you on your clothes and you say, “You mean those old clothes?” You will have told the truth.

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Washer Load Type

Front Loading




10 KG

Washer Dryer

Washer With Dryer

Inverter Power


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