CLAGE instant water heater for Kitchen CEX9

CLAGE instant water heater for Kitchen CEX9

EGP 16,990

  • 6 Months EGP 2832 / Month 0%
  • 12 Months EGP 1558 / Month 10%
  • 18 Months EGP 1077 / Month 14%
Model CEX9
Max Power 9 kW
Water flow 5 Litre min
Width in mm 180
Hight in mm 290
Depth in mm 110
Requirement Wires 6 mm
Circuit breaker 40 A
Perfect Usage Wash basin – Kitchen – Guest Bathroom
Max Heat 55°
Manufacture Germany
Warranty in Years Two years from the date of invoice
  • Note That Installation Of The Product By calling 15421
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CLAGE CEX9 instantaneous water heater 9KW with internal filter to prevent dust and impurities, with sensor to prevent water pressure increase and can adjust the temperature according to use, CLAGE instant heaters save up to 60% of electricity consumption, CLAGE Guaranteed hot water in seconds all the day.

CLAGE Instant electric heater, fully factory in Germany
You can get warm water in a matter of seconds.
CLAGE heater features:
* Full safety against over current or high electrical pressure.
* Provided with a security certificate of IP 25, which means that it is against shocks or splashing water because the water inside the heater is completely isolated from electricity.
* The heater is equipped with a sensor to prevent the electric current from increasing to the body of the heater.
* The heater is provided as a safety valve to prevent high water pressure inside the heater’s pipes.
* Small in size to save space.
* In addition to that it saves energy, whether electricity or water. The heater is in a filter to prevent the impurities from entering the water entering the air circuits.
Remote control available for heater and control water temperature from a distance
You can control the temperature in text, degrees
Heater + A saves electricity
Available in Cut out, any sudden increase in the electrical current, separating the heater from the current completely . Many other possibilities in the heater relieve you and leave you safe.


Get unparalleled comfort with the 9kg Clage Heater, Model CEX9. This device provides a quick and effective solution for heating water at any moment. This heating unit delivers ultra-efficient performance while saving energy consumption.

Features of the 9 kW Clage Heater – CEX9

1. Clage Heater, 9 Kg, Instant

The 9 kW Clage Heater – CEX9 is one of the most prominent instant water heaters that provides users with instant hot water without having to wait for long periods, which saves time and facilitates the completion of daily household tasks.

2. High Energy Efficiency

The Clage 9 KW Instant Heater – CEX9 is known for its high energy efficiency, as it reduces energy wastage and helps reduce electricity bills.

3. Ease of Use of the 9 kg Clage heater

The heater is easy to use, as it comes with a simple and clear control panel that makes it easy for users to control and adjust the water temperature as needed.

4. Security

The Clage 9 kW CEX9 water heater is safe, as it is designed with advanced features that ensure the safety of users such as a safety system against overheating and a protection system against electric shock.

5. Design

The CEX9 heater has an elegant and modern design that fits various kitchen and bathroom décor.

6. Possibility of Installation in Different Places

The 9 kW Clage heater can be installed in different places, such as under the sink in the kitchen or bathroom, or on the wall.

7. Two-year warranty

The 9kW instant Clage heater offers a two-year warranty from the date of purchase invoice, giving users confidence in the quality of the product and assurance of quality after-sales service.

8. Easy Maintenance

The Clage 9kg heater is easy to maintain, as it can be easily cleaned using soap and water.

9. Save Space at Home

The 9 kW instant Clage heater helps save space at home, as it does not require a tank to store hot water.

10. Long Life Span

The instant Clage heater is known for its long lifespan, which makes it a profitable investment in the long run.

Tips for Using the 9 kW Clage Heater – CEX9

Before Using the 9 kg Calge Heater

  • Read the instructions carefully: Read the instructions included with the Clage 9 KW Heater – CEX9 before using it for the first time.
  • Make sure the connections are secure: Make sure all electrical connections are safe and sound before turning on the heater.
  • Make sure the voltage matches: Make sure the mains voltage in your home matches the required voltage for the heater.
  • Choose the appropriate installation location: Choose a suitable place to install the heater, taking into account ease of access and good ventilation.

During Use

  • Use cold water only: Make sure to use cold water only with the 9kW Clage heater.
  • Adjust the temperature as needed: You can adjust the water temperature according to your needs.
  • Do not leave the heater open unnecessarily: Turn off the heater when not in use to save energy.
  • Beware of exposure to hot water: Be careful when using hot water, especially for children.

Cleaning and Maintenance

  • Clean the heater periodically: Clean the heater periodically using a damp cloth.
  • Remove limescale: Remove limescale from the heater periodically using a suitable cleaner.
  • Check the heater periodically: Make sure to check the heater periodically to ensure its safety and effectiveness.

Additional Tips

  • Use a surge protector: Use a surge protector to protect the heater from any power fluctuations.
  • Do not install the heater in a closed place: Do not install the heater in a closed place, as there must be good ventilation.
  • Use original spare parts: Use only genuine clage spare parts when needed.
  • Do not try to repair the heater yourself: In the event of any malfunction, contact an authorized service center from Clage.

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