Refrigerator FRESH 397 liter Free Stand Inverter Digital 2 Doors Black Model FNT-MR470 YIGQMod INV

Refrigerator FRESH 397 liter Free Stand Inverter Digital 2 Doors Black Model FNT-MR470 YIGQMod INV

EGP 35,581

Brand Fresh
Model Number FNT-MR470 YIGQMod INV500011967
Color Black Glass
Capacity L 397 L
Installation Free Stand
Control Digital
Fresh Zone Available
655 mm
Hight 1755 mm
Depth 635 mm
Warranty 10 Years


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One of the most important feature in Fresh fridge is power saving feature which saves a lot of power, also enjoy LED Light features that makes everything inside the fridge very clear for you.
Fresh Fridge has a very good cooling system with consistent Air Flow that covers the whole fridge from inside.

One more feature is that you have a Digital Control for the fridge temperature that allows you to activate the  Super Freezing plus Super Cooling features, and Vacation mode to keep the fridge working while you are away with a low power consumption.
In fresh fridges you can disconnect the Alarm if you are planning to leave the door open for a while, these are the digital control features that you can use when you buy the fridge from Fresh.
This amazing fridges has a Bluetooth Technology and mic so you can connect your mobile to it to listen to your favorite tracks and taking phone calls while you are in the kitchen.

This model has the Inverter feature which saves 40% of the power consumption.

This fridge also equipped with Ion Plasma filter that takes away all bad smells and prevent fungus and bacterial stuff inside the refrigerator.

This fridge also has a Magic Crisper that keeps fruits and vegetables fresh for a very long time.

Enjoy the door rubber Frame with Bio Shield Anti-Bactria that keeps the door clean and lives longer than any other fridge door.

Also, enjoy the Durable Tempered Glass Shelves for stronger glass shelves.

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2 Doors



Inverter Power



Digital Screen