Fresh Water Dispenser With 2 Taps Hot And Cold – Grey Model FW-17VFD

Fresh Water Dispenser With 2 Taps Hot And Cold – Grey Model FW-17VFD

EGP 5,691

  • 6 Months EGP 949 / Month 0%
  • 12 Months EGP 522 / Month 10%
  • 18 Months EGP 361 / Month 14%
Brand Name Fresh
Product Model FW-17VFD
Main Color Grey
Faucets number 2 Faucet
 Cold Water tank 5 Litres
Hot Water tank 1 Litre
Cooling capacity Unknown
Heating capacity Unknown
Dimensions ( W x D x H ) mm 320 x 330 x 930
Country Of Origin Egypt
Warranty 2 Year Full Free Warranty


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Normal To Super Chilled Water Instantly The Three-tap water system of Fresh FW-16BCS gives your hot water, normal water and cold water at the same time. The adjustable thermostat is a great addition as it lets you increase or decrease the coldness yourself.
Low-Noise Design, In spite of its great performance, the water dispenser has a quiet operation that makes the appliance more convenient to own.
Low-Profile Design Great things come in small packages and the same goes for this slim-profile water dispenser. The elegant silver color appliance can be placed anywhere to save floor space in your kitchen or any other area.
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