Gorenje Built-in Electric AirFry Steam Assist WiFi oven CataClean 60 cm Model BSA6747A04BGWI

Gorenje Built-in Electric AirFry Steam Assist WiFi oven CataClean 60 cm Model BSA6747A04BGWI

EGP 50,928

Brand Gorenje
Model BSA6747A04BGWI
Color Stainless Steel
Capacity L 77 Liter
Energy W 3500W
Energy Class A+
Control Digital Touch
Oven Electric Steam Convection
Grill Electric
Programs sets Multi Programs
Building type Built-in
Width 597
High 595
Depth 547
Warranty 5 Years
Availability: Sold Out SKU: 230654 Brand:

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For last minute inspiration
OptiBake ovens reach a temperature of up to 200 ˚C in just 5 minutes, saving 30 % of the time needed by standard preheating and making them one of the fastest ovens on the market. This is very convenient for recipes that require a preheated oven. A light and sound signal informs you when the temperature is just right.​

Best pizza in town

This program with setting of baking temperature up to 300o C was specifically designed to help you bake the perfect pizza, focaccia, flatbread and similar baked delicacies.

A double heater for evenly crispy food

The best baking results are achieved with a combination of larger and smaller heaters, where the latter is positioned inside the larger one. The smart positioning of the heaters allows optimal heat distribution and provides the ultimate baking results every time, so food is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.

Perfect food in 2 or 3 steps

StepBake allows the cook complete control of the baking process, which can be manually programed. Simply set the parameters for each of the desired 2 or 3 steps and the oven will take care of everything. No further interaction needed, all that‘s left for you to do is enjoy the final result.

Evenly baked every time

Gorenje ovens are well known for their innovative rounded cavity, which has been their distinctive feature for many years. The HomeMade shape was inspired by the traditional wood burning ovens and ensures better circulation of air compared to competitors. Now, the HomeMade shape has been completely revamped and the airflow perfected due to a new heater design and the improved distribution of the ventilation openings. That is why the temperature is stable throughout the oven. Never again will your dishes be burnt on one side and underdone on the other.

For the perfect crunch

By adding the water into the water tank in the control panel you`ll get perfect steamed food and crunchy crust. When choosing a program, which is having the possibility to add steam in the baking process, the oven will let you know when the time is right. Depending on the model of the oven, you have to press a central knob or either touch the function on the display to activate the steam injection.

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60 cm

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