Dishwasher Gorenje Stainless 16 Set 60cm Inverter Digital Model GS693C60XUVAD


Dishwasher Gorenje Stainless 16 Set 60cm Inverter Digital Model GS693C60XUVAD

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Brand Gorenje
Model Number GS66260X
Color Stainless
Capacity 16 Set
Programs 8 Programs
Half Load Feature Available
Energy Rate A+++
Controlling Touch Control
Inverter Technology Available
sterilization Available
Installation type Freestanding
Width 596
High 848
Depth 596
Warranty 5 Year


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  • 6 Months EGP 12124 / Month 3%
  • 12 Months EGP 6415 / Month 9%
  • 18 Months EGP 3924 / Month 0%


 15min SpeedWashImagine throwing a dinner party and the dishes from the main course are cleaned in the time it takes to serve dessert. A quick 20 min programme with the SpeedWash function will do your dishes in only 15 minutes. Perfect for handling the volume of dishes created by having multiple guests in the house.

 16 place settingsThe SmartFlex dishwashers offer enough space for all your needs. Three baskets enable washing up to 16 place settings at a time. The fully flexible interior allows for different loading options, the use is simple and the washing effects are perfect.

 Adjustable basketsThe baskets are equipped with highlighted movable elements and a customizable basket layout for easy loading. The truly simple three level basket adjustment system allows you to fit even the biggest pots and plates. The plate rack in the lower basket can be easily folded to allow more space for larger items. Cutlery can be perfectly organized on a special tray. The cutlery pieces are positioned separately so that they do not scratch and can dry out perfectly. Every detail is carefully designed so that the handling is as easy as possible.

 AutoprogrammeSometimes all you need is to give the glassware a light rinse, on other occasions your dishwasher is full of heavy dishes left over from Sunday lunch. The advanced sensor technology will always adjust your dishwashing programme to clean dishes perfectly with optimized water and energy consumption. You do not need special programmes for glass or intensive cleaning – the single AutoProgramme will adapt to all your needs.

 ConnectLife – AppliancesDashboardHaving control and constant information what is going on with your dishwasher is really a stress-free thing.

 ConnectLife – NotificationsLive information about your dishwasher activities

 ConnectLife – RemoteControlSimple control of your dishwasher from anywhere

 ConnectLifeWhy bothering, when you can simplify your life having all possibilities to control and check your product via app on your mobile device? Remote control, mobile notifications, and ticketing are functionalities that will help you manage all product operations smoother and faster from wherever you are.

 DetergentDispenserThe new Gorenje dishwashing appliances are fitted with a minimalistic sliding detergent dispenser from where the pod pops out silently. The functionally of easy-to-clean dispenser makes better detergent dosage and wash all types of dishes.

 Effortless GlideGuidesEffortless and fast loading your dish, upper basket have now smooth gliding. Loading and unloading has never been so fast and easy, thanks to user-friendly ball bearing guide rails on the upper basket.

 ExtraHygieneThis option prolonges washing time and increases temperature for 5°C which in combination with intensive programme enables temperature of 75°C, which eliminates most of bacteria. The program that mimics the sterilization process is made for families with babies, for cleaning baby utensils and bottles.

 ExtraHygiene with UV TechnologyReal antibacterial effect also at lower programme temperatures (example Eco 55°C). The UV light function is activated via new UV option, which is carefully placed in the hydraulic system. UV function is optional and can be used on all programmes. With combination of Eco, Auto, Intensive, Daily, Night and Hygiene programme, it removes up to 99.9% of bacteria and viruses from the rinsing water.

 FastEfficient in 1hAn effective and fast programme designed for daily use on dishes with slightly dried leftovers. This program works at 65°C and it is finished in 1 hour.

 HotWater ConnectionGorenje dishwashers can also be connected to hot water (max. 70 °C) instead of cold. Choosing hot water connection cuts programme times and reduces the dishwasher’s electricity consumption. An environmentally and budget-friendly solution for your family.

 Intensive CleanZoneThe new Gorenje dishwashing models have the perfect solution for toughest stains and highest level of dirtiness: two powerful and high efficient nozzles, located in the rear part of the tub. With application of high pressure water, they are targeting directly the hardest stains, perfect fo cleaning pots, pans and baking trays.

 Interior lightingThe careful placement of the LED light elegantly illuminates the dishwasher’s interior, which enables easy loading and unloading.

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60 cm


16 Sets

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