Kenwood Vacuum Cleaner 2200 Watt Bagless – VC7050

Kenwood Vacuum Cleaner 2200 Watt Bagless – VC7050

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Brand Kenwood
Model Number VC7050
Color Black
Max Power WATT 2200
Bag Capacity L 2.5
Manufacture CHINA
Warranty 2 Years
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  • 2200 Watt
  • Power Control Function
  • Dust Bag Capacity: 2.5L
  • Floor Brush

Kenwood VC7050 Vacuum Cleaner is a new and innovative product that makes mopping your floors easier, faster and cleaner. Take the effort out of cleaning with this powerful and versatile vacuum cleaner. Easy maneuvering thanks to its large wheels and long power cord and also a wide variety of accessories included adapting to your various needs.

Powerful Air Flow, For any vacuum cleaner, its airflow is very important and this vacuum cleaner is been given with the most powerful airflow as it works on a 2200 watts motor. This vacuum cleaner is also been given with Upholstery brush in order to reach those difficult corners of your house where the question of cleaning doesn’t pop.

2200 Watt Motor For High Performance, The 2200 Watt motor generates more than 330 Watt suction power for high performance.

Compact Design, You could not get a better product than the Kenwood vacuum cleaner for your house as it is undoubtedly an efficient vacuum cleaner in your house. Dressed in an attractive black combination, it is available to you in a compact size that is simple for you to use and store at any teeny space of your house.

Cord Length, This easy to use cleaner features a long cable that can be used to stretch too far places and clean them well. It is also been provided with the automatic cord rewinding function that lets the cord be recoiled automatically, bestowing you with convenience.