Bosch Meat mincerCompactPower 2000 W Model MFW3X18W


Bosch Meat mincerCompactPower 2000 W Model MFW3X18W

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Brand Name Bosch
Product Model MFW3X18W
Electric Power 2000 Watt
Main Color White
Country Of Origin Poland
Warranty 2 Year Full Free Warranty


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Thorough mincing.

Usually, meat mincers only have a single-edged knife. The stainless steel double-edged knife has two sharp edges and thus always guarantees correct assembly as well as perfectly precise cuts. The knife fits perfectly, shreds meat and vegetables equally and is easy to assemble and clean.

Easy handling thanks to practical handle.

Often there is not enough space on the worktop or in the kitchen. With the practical carrying handle, you can simply move the mincer around as you need to. Or stow it away quickly. Which gives you more space for other utensils.

Compact, space-saving design and easy storage.

A kitchen has to have space for a lot of things. Thanks to its compact size, the meat mincer is space-saving, always at the ready and stowed away quickly again – truly ideal for small kitchens.

Remove jammed food at the push of a button.

With difficult ingredients, a meat mincer may become clogged up. This is where the reverse function comes in. It helps to release food that has got stuck. Thanks to this function the mincer is ready for use again very quickly.

Helps prepare a wide range of dishes.

Keep your peace of mind, when it comes to meal prep time. The shredding attachment will be of great help. There is no limit to how much food you can slice up, cut up or grate. It is suitable for a variety of ingredients such as vegetables, fruit cheese, nuts or chocolate.

The powerful yet gentle way to get fresh juice.

Making homemade tomato juice often requires great effort. With the fruit juicing attachment it is easy to squeeze healthy juices yourself. This attachment processes everything from fruit or berries to soft vegetables or tomatoes, it even removes the stalks from currants.

Turn your mincer into a juicer.

Preparing fresh juice generally needs time. Not any more. The citrus press is quickly attached and is suitable for all types of citrus fruit: lemons, oranges or grapefruits. No pouring is necessary, as the juices are squeezed directly into your glass. Enjoy your daily portion of vitamins.

Enjoy the freshest coffee ever.

Nothing can beat the taste of freshly ground coffee. The bean grinder will provide you with the great taste and aroma that only fresh-ground coffee can offer. Grinding can be adjusted from fine to coarse – just the way is best for your coffee maker. It’s also great for grinding different spices.

Stylish design with integrated storage.

Now you never have to search around for the right accessories again. The meat mincer is especially stylish and the accessory discs can be stored conveniently in the integrated storage compartment to keep them perfectly organized.

Ingenious design with easy-to-store cable.

Forget trying to hide the cable and trying to create more space in the kitchen.This meat mincer provides a cable compartment for storing the cable easily without tangling.

Stability on the work surface thanks to clever design.

A mincer that moves around on the work surface can be dangerous. Thanks to the rubber feet the mincer sits securely on the worktop.

Handle a lot in basically no time.

Sometimes you need to process large quantities of meat in a short time. The high-quality meat mincer is expert at processing large quantities quickly. Thanks to the powerful motor, the ProPower works very quickly and reliably.

These sausages are fresher than from the butcher’s shop.

Homemade sausages can be prepared freshly according to your individuel taste and will delight your guests. The sausage attachment lets you create your own delicious chicken, beef, pork or vegetarian sausages.

Appropiate perforated discs for various types of food.

Quality you can trust. Stainless steel is a durable, low-maintenance material, it is hygienic, has a smooth surface, is tasteless and is very easy to clean. All this makes it the best choice for the steel mincer discs.

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