Midea Air Conditioner Mission Inverter Cooling MSABT-30HRDNF

Midea Air Conditioner Mission Inverter Cooling MSABT-30HRDNF

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Brand Midea
Color: White
Type Cool/Heat
Product Warranty: 5 Years
Compressor type INERTER
Production Country: Egypt
Brand Midea
Color: White
Type Cool/Heat
Product Warranty: 5 Years
Compressor type INERTER
Production Country: Egypt
Availability: Sold Out SKU: 6711014 Brand:

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Midea air conditioner inverter 4 hp hot and cold 

Enjoy now with the new Midea Mission Inverter air conditioner, 4  HP, from Midea, equipped with the latest technology and distinctive design. The Midea Mission Inverter cold air conditioner was designed with high-quality materials to compete with other air-conditioning models, because it has a power of 4 horsepower, and it can cover an area of ​​up to 30 square meters with high efficiency, with highly developed technology and device lighting developed and produced by Miraco Carrier International.

Midea inverter air conditioner specifications 4 hp cool hot mission  

Cool turbo system  :-  

We find that this device has a very excellent feature, which is the turbo-cool feature, which works on the process of cooling our place in the least possible time and as soon as possible since the start of operating the device, as this feature is very excellent during the summer or during high temperatures, which allows the user to enjoy air with good air Very cool, moderate and pure cooling.

 Cooling Capacity  :

The inside of the device contains a very impressive cooling capacity, as it may reach 30,000, and a cooling area ranging between 30: 34 meters, and this area is considered very excellent, as it works to cover the entire place and obtain a very wonderful and moderate cooling.

For  dry operation  :

This device works with the dry operation feature, which works to dry our place with ease, and also works to remove moisture completely and remove unpleasant odors, which results in very clean air with wonderful cooling that is not harmful to human health.

MCHX technology   :

This feature is found inside the Media Inverter air conditioners, as it works to preserve our device from rust or corrosion. It also works to preserve the spiral copper pipes from corrosion or not forming ice on them so that they do not lead to leakage in the device, which preserves the device and raises The efficiency of the operation of the device in a very impressive way.

Turbo Cool  :

Turbo Cooler is one of the good properties, and it works to achieve the maximum cooling rate in the shortest possible time. When you start operating the Midea air conditioner, the temperature of the place is high, so we need rapid cooling in order to reach the desired cooling degree in the shortest time.

Economic Operation  (ECO)  :

The eco function is useful in reducing energy consumption, and as a result, the sound level is reduced. It also automatically controls the temperature set by the remote control, thus controlling the temperature of the air-conditioned room. In order to suit the human body temperature while sleeping, the result is a healthy and comfortable sleep.

Features of the Midea inverter air conditioner, 4 HP, cool and hot

Inverter feature:-

It is a feature of saving energy consumption by controlling the flow speed of the refrigerant compound (Freon). This is done by controlling the speed of the compressor itself, so the compressor does not operate at full capacity all the time. Hence comes the saving in energy consumption, which is what everyone is looking for now by rationalizing energy consumption.

Employ Freon 410R :-

The type of Freon used for the Midea Inverter air conditioner. It is Freon 410, which is the type used in modern air conditioners, including Midea air conditioners. Because it has many advantages and good properties, we mention: It is not harmful to the environment, does not cause any damage to the ozone layer, and is not flammable (it is safe when it leaks). We find that all modern air conditioners use this type of Freon in the production of air conditioners.

Air filters:-

Midea inverter air conditioner has air filters in the indoor unit. The task of these filters is that they block dust and impurities from the cold air coming out of the air conditioner. Thus, we get fresh cool air, and it is also useful in preserving the mechanical and electrical parts of the indoor unit of the air conditioner. Thus prolonging the life span of these parts and reducing the occurrence of malfunctions.

Rest during sleep: –

The Media Inverter air conditioner has a quiet sound during operation. Midea air conditioners generally enjoy this quietness during operation, as this feature is one of the most important features of Midea split air conditioners, in terms of the quality of the materials from which the body of the air conditioner is made, as well as the rest of the mechanical components of the air conditioner. Thus, you can get a comfortable and quiet sleep without any disturbance caused by the operation of the air conditioner.

Plasma cluster feature:-

It is one of the features that appeared recently in all air conditioners, especially the Media Inverter air conditioner. Which works to purify the air and absorb fumes and dust from the air surrounding the air conditioner. It guarantees human safety and that the air in the room is free of germs and viruses that cause many respiratory diseases.


Dimensions of the Midea inverter air conditioner, 4 HP, cold and hot

 The indoor unit of the device

Conditioner color  : white

Dimensions of the indoor unit:   108 cm in width – 34 cm in height – 23 cm in depth

Indoor unit weight  : – 14 kg.

The external unit of the device

Dimensions of the outdoor unit : 85 cm wide – 70 cm high – 34 cm deep

External unit weight : 46 kg.

Number of meters   of copper connections

Connections supplied with the device: – 3 meters

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Inverter Power


Horse Power

4 HP



Plasma Filter



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Cold / Heat