Rush Brush Mini Ionic Brush Rose Gold

Rush Brush Mini Ionic Brush Rose Gold

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Brand Rush Brush
Model Red
Targeted Group Women
Different Temperature Settings No
Warranty 2 year
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  • Rush Brush® Mini Ionic Brush produces negative ions directly to each hair strand which restores the ionic balance. It has a compact size that makes it portable and easy to use anywhere and anytime. It boosts shine, makes your hair smoother, less frizzy, and manageable. It helps seal and smoothen split ends, closing off broken hair cuticles. It also forces water molecules off your hair faster, reducing the heat damage that you get with every blowout. Most importantly, it prompts gorgeous sleek hair now and even better-looking hair in the future.

    Negative Ions

    The ionizer emits negative ions into your hair to restore the balance of positive and negative ions, resulting in smooth frizz-free hair.


    Stainless steel bristles with gentle round tips for massaging the scalp, strengthening blood circulation and promoting good hair health.

    Ergonomic Design

    An ergonomically curved shell is designed to fit comfortably in your hand.

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