Samsung Top Loading Digital Washing Machine, 15 KG, Silver – WA15F7S4UWA/AS


Samsung Top Loading Digital Washing Machine, 15 KG, Silver – WA15F7S4UWA/AS

Brand Samsung
Model Number WA15F7S4UWA/AS
Color gray
Capacity in KG 15
Dryer in not Available
Inverter Technology Not Available
Energy Rate A+++
Integration Type Free Stand
Width 630 
Hight 1,100 
Depth 690 
Warranty 5
Availability: Sold Out SKU: 220832 Brand:

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Washer Load Type

Top Loading




15 KG

Washer Dryer

Washer Without Dryer

Inverter Power


The Samsung 15 kg super-automatic washing machine, model WA15F7S4UWA/AS, is a valuable addition, as it combines outstanding performance with modern technologies to provide an efficient and comfortable washing experience. This washing machine features innovative features that make the washing process easier and more effective.

Features of the Samsung Washing Machine, Top Automatic, 15 Kg, Silver, Model Wa15f7s4uwa/As

1. Samsung washing machine, fully automatic, 15 kg, large capacity:

The Samsung washing machine has a capacity of 15 kg, which makes it suitable for large families. Thus, it allows you to wash a large amount of clothes at one time.

2. Energy saving:

This Samsung washing machine has an A+++ rating for energy efficiency. Thus it helps you save money on your electricity bill.

3. EcoBubble™ technology in Samsung washing machines:

This technology turns detergents into a dense foam, which helps to penetrate tissues better and remove dirt effectively. This technology preserves the colors of clothes and prevents them from fading.

4. Samsung washing machine with Digital Inverter Motor technology:

This technology is characterized by high efficiency and quiet operation. It also provides a longer life for the washing machine.

5. Multiple programs in the Samsung washing machine, 15 kg, super-automatic:

The Samsung washing machine contains multiple programs that suit different types of clothes. You can choose the appropriate program for the type of fabric and degree of soiling.

6. Ease of using a fully automatic washing machine:

Samsung washing machine features an easy-to-use control panel. It has a digital display that shows information about the selected program, water temperature, and spin speed.

7. Security:

This Samsung washing machine has advanced safety features, such as a leakage protection system and an automatic shut-off system. Ensures the safety of your children while using the washing machine.

8. Design of a super-automatic washing machine:

The Samsung washing machine features a stylish and modern design and silver color.

9. Warranty:

This Samsung washing machine has a 5-year warranty that ensures excellent customer service from Samsung.

10. Suitable price for a Samsung washing machine, 15 kg, fully automatic:

Samsung washing machine has a price that suits the budgets of all families.

How to Operate A Samsung Washing Machine, 15 Kg, Silver, Top Automatic, Model Wa15f7s4uwa/As

Before starting:

  • Make sure the washing machine is connected to the electricity and water supply.
  • Make sure the water tap is open.
  • Sort clothes according to the type of fabric and degree of soiling.

Operating steps:

  • Open the top cover of the washing machine.
  • Place clothes in the designated sink.
  • Add detergent in the designated drawer.
  • Close the top cover of the washing machine.
  • Choose the appropriate program for the type of clothing.
  • Press the start button.

Notes When Using A Samsung Washing Machine

  • You can use the quick wash program if the clothes are not very dirty.
  • And a blanket washing program for washing blankets and upholstery.
  • Use the jeans washing program to wash jeans without fading their color.
  • Use the delicate program to wash delicate clothes.
  • Use the soaking program to soak heavily soiled clothes before washing.
  • You can use the Aqua Preserve water-saving program to save water.

Tips on Using Samsung Automatic Washing Machines

  • Do not put a large amount of clothes in the washing machine, as this will affect the washing efficiency.
  • Use detergents appropriate for the type of fabric.
  • Clean the washing machine filter regularly.
  • Read the user guide for more information on how to operate the washing machine.


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