Samsung Vacuum Cleaner, 1600 Watt, Blue – VC16BSNMARD


Samsung Vacuum Cleaner, 1600 Watt, Blue – VC16BSNMARD

Brand Samsung
Model Number VC16BSNMARD
Color blue
Max Power 1600 Watt
Bag Capacity 1.5 Litre
Manufacture Malaysia
Warranty 2 Years
Availability: Sold Out SKU: 360621 Brand:

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Two Are Simply Better Than One With the Twin Chamber System, the dust and debris collected in the outer chamber are prevented from circulating with the cyclonic air of the inner chamber. Therefore, the suction power of your vacuum cleaner stays strong without filter congestion and clogging which is caused by fine dust particles reaching the pre-motor filter.

Long-lasting Suction Power The Twin Chamber System prevents dust particles in the dust chamber from being emitted again. Filterislessclogging, thus longer lasting powerful suction.

Bigger Inside Compact Outside Thecapacityofdustbinisan important factor for increasing the vacuum’s performance. A larger dust bin allows you to clean for a longer period. The only problem of enlarging the dust bin is the size. A bigger chamber is better but a bigger vacuum is not. Samsung haves solved this problem by changing the chamber’s structure. The interior of the Twin Chamber enables the vacuum to find hidden capacity, increasing it by more than 20%.

Easy-to-Empty Dust Bin Press down the button on the lid and pull out the dust bin from the main body. Open the dust cover, then with one easy flick of the wrist, pour to empty the contents without additional cleaning at all.

Lifetime Washable Filter The lifetime washable filter saves the cost of filter replacement, which helps to preserve the environment while increasing its durability. Simply remove, rinse, dry, and re-attach to start cleaning.

HEPA Filtration System HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filter ensures clean exhaust air by catching microparticles such as dust and allergens.

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