Refrigerator SHARP 450 liter Free Stand Digital 2 Doors Stainless Model SJ-PC58A-ST

Refrigerator SHARP 450 liter Free Stand Digital 2 Doors Stainless Model SJ-PC58A-ST

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Model Number SJ-PC58A-ST
Color Stainless
Capacity L 450
Installation Free Stand
Inverter Technology Not Available
Fresh Zone Available
width 700
Hight 1670
Depth 720


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SHARP No frost Refrigerator

Refrigerator Capacity in Litres : 450 Litre

Number of doors: 2 Door

Refrigerator color: Stainless

Digital control panel

Plasma cluster technology

Hybrid cooling system

LED Lighting

Door open alarm



Low noise design

Power consumption class: (A)

High efficiency and less electricity consumption

Stainless steel cylindrical handle

Fitted with wheels and handles

Hardy glass shelves

Twin ice twist

Refrigerator Dimensions (mm) :

Width x Depth x Height: 700 x 720 x 1670

Refrigerator Weight :-

Net Weight : 74 Kg

Gross Weight : 83 Kg

Country of Origin : Egypt

Fridge warranty : 10 Years

Additional information

Weight 7 kg

2 Doors



Inverter Power



Digital Screen



With a large capacity, the Sharp 450L refrigerator provides ample food storage space for large families or those who like to prepare meals in advance. It is also equipped with advanced technology to keep food fresh for longer periods, which helps reduce food waste and save costs in the long run.

Features of the Sharp Refrigerator, 450 Liters, Digital, 2 Doors, Model SJ-PC58A-ST

The Sharp SJ-PC58A-ST refrigerator, with a capacity of 450 liters and two doors, comes with an elegant stainless steel design and is equipped with advanced digital technology. It offers many features that make it an excellent choice for contemporary kitchens. Here are some of the most notable features:

Advanced design:

The Sharp 450 Liter refrigerator comes with an elegant stainless steel design that is not affected by fingerprints, making it always look clean and fresh.

Advanced cooling technology:

The refrigerator uses hybrid cooling technology to distribute cold air evenly throughout the refrigerator, ensuring that food stays fresher for longer.

Digital control function:

Equipped with a digital screen that allows easy control of temperatures and other settings without the need to open the refrigerator, which helps save energy.

Nano filter:

This filter effectively purifies the air inside the refrigerator, reducing unpleasant odors and preserving the freshness of food.

Energy saving:

It is highly energy efficient, making it an economical and environmentally friendly option.

Large Storage Capacity: Sharp 450 Liter Refrigerator:

With a capacity of 450 liters, it provides ample storage space for a large family or those who need to store large amounts of food.

Adjustable shelves in Sharp 450L refrigerator:

The refrigerator has adjustable shelves that make it easy to organize the interior space to accommodate different sizes and types of food and drinks.

The Ideal Way to Use Sharp Refrigerators to Maintain their Shelf Life

To maintain the lifespan of Sharp refrigerators and ensure the best performance, it is important to follow some basic guidelines in use and maintenance:

Place the Sharp 450-liter refrigerator in the appropriate location:

Place the refrigerator in a location away from heat sources such as ovens and direct sunlight and make sure there is adequate ventilation around the refrigerator to avoid stress on the compressor.

Temperature setting:

Set the refrigerator temperature to the manufacturer’s recommended setting, usually between 3°C and 4°C for the refrigerator and -18°C for the freezer, to ensure efficient cooling and save energy.

Periodic cleaning:

Clean your refrigerator regularly, inside and out. Make sure to remove dust and dirt from the back parts and condensers of the refrigerator to improve efficiency.

Seals inspection:

Check the integrity of the seals and gaskets regularly and ensure they are free of cracks or gaps that could lead to cold air leaking out.

Arrange foods correctly:

Do not overload the refrigerator as it can hamper good airflow and lead to excessive energy consumption. Use shelves wisely to make the most of space.


If your refrigerator is not equipped with automatic defrost technology, defrost it periodically to prevent ice buildup that can affect the refrigerator’s efficiency.

Check pipes and connectors:

Inspect the connection hoses and pipes to ensure that no leaks or damage may affect the performance of the refrigerator.


Thanks to the digital control system, it is easy to adjust temperatures according to your different needs, and the digital screen provides you with accurate and clear information to easily control the refrigerator’s performance. The high quality of the materials used in manufacturing, especially stainless steel, ensures that the refrigerator will last for many years with minimal maintenance. Get it now at the best price from Ehab Center.

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