Refrigerator SHARP 600 liter Free Stand Digital 4 Doors Black Model SJ-FS85V-BK

Refrigerator SHARP 600 liter Free Stand Digital 4 Doors Black Model SJ-FS85V-BK

EGP 46,899

Model Number SJ-FS85V-BK
Color BLACK-Glass
Capacity L 605
Installation Free Stand
Inverter Technology Not Available
Fresh Zone Available
width 892
Hight 1830
Depth 766
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SHARP No frost refrigerator

Refrigerator Capacity in Litres : 600 Litre

Number of doors: 4 Glass doors

Refrigerator color: Black

Digital control panel (Touch)

Plasma Cluster technology

Hybrid cooling system

Eco mode

Express freeze mode

Automatic ice maker

Emotional indicator

Multi color external indicator

Vacation mode

Child lock mode

Door open alarm

LED Lighting

Hardy glass shelves

Power consumption class: (B)


Refrigerator Dimensions (mm) :

Width x Depth x Height: 892 x 766 x 1830

Refrigerator Weight :-

Net Weight : 107 Kg

Gross Weight : 121 Kg

Country of Origin : Thailand

Fridge warranty : 10 Years

Additional information




4 Doors



Inverter Power



Digital Screen


Above 600L

Don’t miss out on the opportunity! Make your life easier and more stylish with the Sharp Refrigerator in black. Order now and enjoy exceptional cooling performance and a modern design!

Features of the Sharp Refrigerator600-liter Digital 4-Door Black Model SJ-FS85V-BK:

Large Capacity: The Sharp refrigerator accommodates all your food needs with its 600-liter capacity. NoFrost Cooling System: Prevents frost buildup in the refrigerator and keeps food fresh for a longer period. 4 Doors: The Sharp refrigerator features four doors, making it easy to access all foods and beverages. Elegant Black Color: The refrigerator provides a modern and elegant appearance. Plasma Cluster Technology: This technology eliminates unwanted odors and kills bacteria inside the refrigerator, keeping food fresh for a longer time. Digital Screen Feature: The digital screen allows you to easily adjust temperature and other cooling settings. Child Lock System: Prevents children from opening the refrigerator without permission, ensuring the safety of food and beverages. Fresh Food Compartment: Maintains fresh food for up to 7 days without the need for freezing. Freezer Compartment: The freezer compartment accommodates all your frozen food needs. Bottom Freezer: The bottom freezer has a large capacity and is easy to access. LED Lighting: LED lighting provides bright illumination inside the refrigerator, making it easy to find food and drinks. 10-Year Warranty: The Sharp refrigerator comes with a 10-year warranty, providing you with peace of mind.

Why should you buy the Sharp Refrigerator 600-liter Digital 4-Door Black Model SJ-FS85V-BK?

  1. Large Capacity to meet all your food needs.
  2. NoFrost Cooling System to keep food fresh for a longer period.
  3. 4 Doors for easy access to all foods and beverages.
  4. Elegant Black Color gives the Sharp refrigerator a modern appearance.
  5. Plasma Cluster Technology to eliminate unwanted odors and kill bacteria.
  6. Digital Screen Feature for easy temperature adjustment and other cooling settings.
  7. Child Lock System to ensure the safety of food and beverages.
  8. Fresh Food Compartment to keep food fresh for up to 7 days without the need for freezing.
  9. Freezer Compartment for all your frozen food needs.
  10. Bottom Freezer with a large capacity and easy access.
  11. LED Lighting provides bright illumination inside the refrigerator.
  12. 10-Year Warranty for peace of mind. Shop now for the Sharp 600-liter Digital 4-Door Black Refrigerator Model SJ-FS85V-BK and experience unmatched quality and performance.