Babyliss Homelight Epilator Pulsed Light Generation-G934E

Babyliss Homelight Epilator Pulsed Light Generation-G934E

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Brand Babyliss
Model G934E
max power
Manufacture China
Warranty in Years 2
Type Epilator Pulsed
Power Source Unidentified
Ionic Technology
Power Supply
Operating Function
Ceramic Coating
Minimum Temperature in °C
Plates Material
Maximum Temperature in C
Wet Hair Use
Steam Shot
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  • Professional Technology For Long-Lasting Hair Removal Adapted from the same technology use by professional salons, BaByliss Paris brings safe, painless & permanent Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) epilation hair removal to the comfort of your own home. Clinically & dermatologically tested for proven effectiveness with a 90% reduction in hair. intense Pulsed Light (IPL) hair removal is based on the theory of selective photo thermolysis which uses optical energy to stop the growth of the hair.Homelight Compact applies gentle flashes of light onto the skin’s surface to target the hair follicle’s melanin & root. These flashes of light are then transformed into heat while the surrounding skin stays cool, causing hair to go into a resting phase, ceasing growth. As a result, hair re-growth is weakened & hair sheds naturally.



    Epilating This technique produces a light pulse that is absorbed by the melanin.
    This effect involves the thermal destruction of the hair without pain and root, preventing thus regrowth.
    A scientifically proven technology that allows you to quickly get lasting results.
    Homelight The epilator hair removal is a device used to remove unwanted hair from the body (particularly the legs and arms), from sensitive areas (underarms, swimsuit) and from the face (cheeks, lips, and chin) due to its filter precision (only available on certain models).

     The perfect solution to permanently remove the hair
    Safety is a priority with the Homelight epilator .
    Ensures maximum safety and minimal risk because it allows achieving lasting results with an intensity of less power than other methods of epilation.
    Obviously, the device has a touch sensor that prevents issuing any flash when the application window Homelight 930 is not pressed against the skin.
    Laboratory tested on many types of skin Five levels of light to fit many types of skin .
    Low-frequency protection for sensitive skin We will enclose the device detects contact with the body Safety glasses


    This device should not be used during pregnancy periodwert
    Do not expose yourself to the Sun before using this device by four weeks, or after using it for two weeks.
    Use a fragrance-free Sunblock Do not use on tattoos or makeup
    Do not use it if you are suffering from skin diseases or skin cancer
    Treatment should be performed once in one area
    How Often & How Long For Each Treatment
    The first 4 sessions should be 2 weeks apartRegular sessions staged over several months are needed to target all hairs. 8 treatments can achieve a reduction in the hair of up to 90%*.
    To maintain the best results, repeat treatment every 4 to 8 weeks until desired results are achieved
    An average full treatment program: 11 sessions in 12 months (depending on the thickness of the hair to be treated). Some people achieve results more or less quickly than the average number of sessions recommended.

    Preparation Of The Skin


    Shave the area to be treated 24 hours before you intend to use the appliance.
    Your skin should be shaved, clean, dry & free of powder and deodorant residue.
    Do not apply any cream or body milk before using the appliance.
    Do not epilate (whether using an electric epilator or wax) before using the Homelight 100. The epilation (removal of hair at the root) will make the pulsed light treatment ineffective.
    Before using the product, make sure that the skin is dry, perfectly clean and free from grease or crea

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