Bosch OptiMUM Kitchen Machine, 1600 Watt, Red- MUM9A66R00

Bosch OptiMUM Kitchen Machine, 1600 Watt, Red- MUM9A66R00

EGP 23,939

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EGP 23,939

Brand Bosch
Model Number MUM9A66R00
Color Brushed Stainless Red
Motor Power W 1600 Watt
Bowl Capacity L  XXL 5.5 Litre
Controlling  Multi-Speed levels and turbo function
Whisk Available
Blender Material  Stainless
Manufacture N/A
Warranty 2 Year
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  • 6 Months EGP 4200 / Month 0%
  • 12 Months EGP 2247 / Month 7%
  • 18 Months EGP 1540 / Month 10%


Extra-large brushed 5.5l stainless steel bowl: ideal for preparing large amounts of dough in a single step. (up to 3.5 kg of cake mixture)

Extra-arge bowl to prepare a lot of dough in a single step.

Kids’ birthday parties, holiday dinners – occasions when you have to prepare a lot of dough at once. This is where the 5.5 l extra-large, brushed stainless steel bowl comes into play. A lot of dough in a single step saves time and cleaning effort. The bowl is ideal for up to 3.5 kg of cake mixture.

Full-metal body: durable full-metall housing with high-quality details for long-lasting enjoyment.

Many years of pleasure with high quality and convenience.

A sight that will delight you every time. For years to come. The OptiMUM kitchen machine with the sophisticated, durable full-metal body. The housing is not only particularly high-quality and easy to clean, it also shows that this machine is designed to give you pleasure for a long time.

OptiMUM patisserie set: stirring whisk, full metal beating whisk and high-performance kneading hook for perfect baking results.

OptiMUM patisserie set for professional processing.

Ingredients need to be well processed, otherwise the results are not satisfactory. The dishwasher-safe OptiMUM patisserie set ensures perfect results: stirring whisk (perfectly fitted to the bowl), full metal beating whisk (height adjustable) and high-performance kneading hook with special shape.

7 speed settings: easy and fast preparation with 7 speed settings and a pulse function for major tasks.

Easy and fast preparation with 7 speed settings.

Every accessory requires a different speed setting. Thanks to 7 individual speed settings, your dishes can be prepared very quickly, easily and precisely. Need more speed or have to blend some ingredientes? Adjust the pulse setting and enjoy your dish in no time.

EasyArmLift: easy and effortless moving of the Arm

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