Refrigerator HAIER 530 liter Free Stand Inverter Digital 4 Doors Silver Model HRF-530 TDSM


Refrigerator HAIER 530 liter Free Stand Inverter Digital 4 Doors Silver Model HRF-530 TDSM

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Brand Haier
Model Number HRF-530 TDSM
Color Innox Silver
Capacity L 512 L
Installation Free Stand
Inverter Technology Available
Control Digital
Fresh Zone Available
Anti-Bacterial Filter Available
width 830 mm
Hight 1804 mm
Depth 670 mm
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More space
Big width fridge room, reach to 830mm
6 separated freezer drawers
HTF-456 1
Humidity Zone
plant HCS breathable membrane technology, intelligent sensing room humidity. Fresh fruits and vegetables through respiration to release water, when the water is too high, the plant moisture-permeable membrane pore larger, release more than water, when the chamber humidity is low, the plant moisture-permeable membrane pores smaller, prevent moisture loss, so as to keep the humidity at around 90%. Storage time is two times, 3 times longer.
HTF-456 3
Dry zone
Patented air cooling, intelligent sensing temperature and humidity changes, dry cold air temperature and pressure changes away from the water vapor, so that humidity remained about 40%. Do dry and not driest. The humidity is higher than the 40% dry cargo and water will be damp, moisture less than 40% dry cargo will continue to dehydration, lead to loss of nutrients, suitable for storing, dried mushroom, tea.
HTF-456 4
Magic Drawer
Comfortable for your storage requirement
Faster Cooling
An intelligent function that can be used to cool a large amount of food in your fridge. Keep your newly purchased food at the right temperature right from the start.
HTF-456 5
both Natural stone bactericidal technology, using Tourmaline and Cordierite to release negative ions and nano-anions, has a dual bactericidal effect, inhibits bacterial growth, reduces the activity of food metabolic enzymes, the bactericidal rate reaches 99.99%, no consume energy, no produce oxygen and reactive oxygen, and creates a fresh and healthy storage environment for food materials.

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4 Doors



Inverter Power



Digital Screen